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Title: Laundry Day


When it as hot outside, Carol tended to the laundry inside where the showers were. She had Glenn help her rig up a line and she used the water from the showers to fill her wash buckets. She had her own little system set up that worked out well for her until Daryl had come flying into the shower area hitting the water button.

“DARYL!” Carol yelled as she was sprayed along with all the drying clothes that hung on the line. His eyes went wide as she tried to take down the clothes quickly.

“I didn’t know you were in here!” He said as he helped her take down the clothes.

“I’m always in here! Just help me!” She said as they both slid across the floor. Carol wasn’t wearing shoes and Daryl’s boots were sliding on the tiles. By the time they got all the clothes down they were both soaked.

“Jesus how long do these things last?” Daryl asked as the water kept streaming.

“10 minutes or so.” Carol eyed him and he bit his lip.

“I’m sorry I ruined the clothes. Damn Beth is being a hardass. Said I couldn’t hold Judith if I didn’t shower which is bullshit because that kid loves me even if I’m dirty.” Daryl pointed out making Carol laugh.

“She’s right. You need to shower regularly or nobody will want to be near you and I’m sure if Judith could talk she would tell you to wash yourself.” Carol threw a bar of soap at him and he narrowed his eyes.

“Well fine then.” He started scrubbing over his clothes and Carol pushed him.

“What are you doing?” She asked confused.

“Shower and laundry at the same time. See I’m a quick thinker.” He tapped his head and Carol shook her head.

“Oh no! I’m washing those clothes even if I have to strip you down myself.” She said firmly and Daryl swallowed hard. She caught his gaze and they stared at one another for a moment before she closed the space between them. Daryl dropped the soap and wrapped his arms around Carol tightly. His shirt was so soaked through Carol could practically feel his skin through it. He kissed her roughly and was shocked when she ripped his shirt open. He pulled back and saw her nipples hardened in the water. He pulled her back to him and picked her up by her thighs before pushing her against the walls. They grinded against each other for a few moments before the water clicked off.

Daryl had sat her back on her feet almost instantly and stepped away.

“What the hell are we doing?” Daryl asked out loud.

“Doing laundry?” Carol offered as she leaned against the wall. Daryl looked at her and she smiled. He felt relaxed but restrained as he pushed at his pants.

“I better…I’m gonna go-“ Carol cut Daryl off.

“Dry off? That sounds like a good idea.” She finished for him tossing him one of the only dry towels left.

“Best you not walk through the cell block with that showing.” She let her eyes drift down and Daryl blushed before running out of the room. He licked his lips and still tasted her mouth on his. It made him shiver. Carol put her hand on her chest and shook her head.

“Damn Daryl.” She whispered out loud as she tried to catch her breath.

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