If your still excepting prompts for Staggie could you maybe do one where they meet in college. (like they live next door to each other in the housing building) please and thank you.

Here’s another one for you. I’ll find a list to post for prompts unless you can think of anymore AU’s [x]

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Stiles had been in the same dorm for two years and he loved it. It was in a great location, the people were friendly and the girl across the hallway was not only super cute but she totally flirted with him every chance she got. Her name was Maggie and she was a short, brunette with a killer smile and she just so happened to be majoring in Psychology. Stiles knew he was in love when she’d shown up to the dorm Halloween party as Zelda and appreciated his Storm Trooper costume. They’d been neighbors for the two years he was in the dorms and one day she up and relocated. Scott tried to tell him that she must have graduated or something but she wasn’t old enough for that unless she was a super genius and he didn’t notice. They’d talked about school, hobbies and family but she never mentioned that she’d be leaving the dorms. He almost felt like she didn’t tell him on purpose. Maybe she got a boyfriend and moved out to live with him? Maybe he did something to offend her? Maybe she got kicked out of school?

He spent too much time questioning it but after 6 months he knew he had to let it go. He’d done some asking around but no one else really knew where she took off to either. When Scott decided to get an apartment off campus, he jumped at the opportunity to get out of the dorms. He didn’t want to keep dwelling on the girl that could have been his potential girlfriend. He didn’t want to be that pathetic guy that let the girl get away and he never even tried to ask her out.

The apartment was nice. Spacious and had a great view of the campus but the 4 flights of stairs was starting to kill Stiles.

"SCOTT I HATE YOU! I HATE STAIRS! I HATE GRAVITY! DAMN YOU ELEVATORS!" Stiles shouted the whole way up the step as he carried his computer stand. Scott was in the apartment setting up his room already and since Stiles got the bigger room, he has to carry his own stuff in. Stiles was sweaty and gross and wanted to pass out but he knew he had to get his stuff from the van or else they’d have to pay for an extra day.

"Oh thank god! I made it." Stiles tried the doorknob and realized it was locked.

"Scott…YO Scotty! Let me in. I don’t have the key." Stiles knocked before letting out a sigh. HE was about to start beating the door when it opened quickly and there she was. His dorm neighbor Maggie.

"Hi…" She said with a smile.

"Wh- um hi? Did Scott track you down?" Stiles rubbed the back of his head confused.

"Um no? I believe you knocked on my door." She chuckled looking Stiles up and down to see how much of a mess he was. Stiles tried to straighten himself out.

"Wait you moved here?" Stiles questioned.

"Yeah I was saving up and finally managed to get this place." Maggie patted the door and Stiles shook his head.

"That’s…great. Congrats." Stiles wasn’t sure what to say.

"I left a note on your door. I guess you never got it?" Stiles eyebrows went up.

"On my door? That was your number? I thought it was Marty trying to get me to go to that damn pottery class again." Stiles raked his hands down his face and Maggie cringed.

"God, he’s still trying to get people to go to that stupid thing? When will he realize no one wants his crappy ceramics?" Maggie joked making Stiles chuckle. A silence fell between them and Stiles looked at his feet.

"So if you didn’t get my note, how did you find me?" Maggie questioned but Scott swung the door across the hall open.

"Bro you forgot the key!" Scott froze.

"Oh hey! It’s that girl you were obsessed with." Scott chuckled and Stiles shook his head.

"Yeah thanks buddy." Stiles waved Scott off and he shut the door.

"When he says obsessed he doesn’t mean…I was just…I honestly don’t know how to recover this." Maggie laughed at Stiles and leaned on the door frame.

"So you’re my new neighbor…again." She said making Stiles throw his arms out.

"Yup it would appear that way." Stiles said hoping she didn’t think he was a total weirdo.

"Must be fate then." She held Stiles gaze for a few moments.

"I should…I should finish getting this stuff in the apartment. I don’t want to pay for another night." Stiles explained and Maggie extended her hand.

"Understandable. Welcome to the building. It’s good to see you again. You’ll have to come over some time when you aren’t busy." She said clearing her throat.

"Yeah that’s cool. I’d like that." Stiles shook her hand and took in how soft her skin was. She had delicate hands. Maggie walked back into her apartment and closed the door trying not to totally geek out but only a few minutes later came another knock. She opened the door to see Stiles standing there again.

"On second thought, I’ll just use money from the pizza fund to pay for an extra day." Stiles blushed and Maggie opened the door wider for him to come inside. She ordered pizza for the two of them and ended up helping Stiles get the rest of his stuff in before the truck was due back. He considered it their first date.

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Carrie has a sibling, no, a twin. A brother. His name is Harrison.

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I know you dont have a Derek/OC but could you write one forDerek and a random OC you just think of. Like they go swimming at night or something. IDK, Im having a Derek Hale day lol

It’s not a swimming one but I did a little something for you. I hope you like it. [X]

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"I wanted to apologize for the other night.I appreciate what you did for-" She cut him off.

"It’s whatever. Don’t worry about it." Derek felt completely dismissed by the woman that saved him from being arrested last night for public indecency. Something about her was alluring. He couldn’t get her off his mind and tracking her down wasn’t that difficult thanks to some heavy handed threats to Stiles for some research. 

"I figured since you saw me in an awkward way that I might as well introduce myself." Derek walked towards the brunette and she shook her head.

"I know who you are Derek and I’ve also seen you naked before yesterday so if that’s all…" Derek tried not to blush.

"May I ask how we know each other and when exactly you saw me naked?" Derek cocked an eyebrow confused.

"It doesn’t really matter now does it? You didn’t see me then so it doesn’t make much sense to start with introductions now. If it makes you feel any better you’ve grown quite a bit since the last time I’ve seen you naked." The women waved her hand around and Derek wished he could figure out who she was without begging.

"I guess that’s a relief. Obviously we went to school together. I found myself in some pretty strange situations back then that left me without my clothes." Derek chuckled.

"Is there something else you wanted other than my forgiveness because I’m in the middle of something here." She gestured to her laptop and Derek let out a sigh.

"I was a jerk to you back then I guess. I’m sorry about that. I’m also sorry I didn’t see you but I see you now and I’d really like to thank you by taking you out for dinner." The girl looked up at him surprised.

"You did see me Derek. You saw me long enough to chuck a basketball in my face to give me a broken nose and busted glasses. Yes you were a jerk but I got over it. I’m not the girl I was in high school and I don’t need your decade too late apology dinner." She raked a hand through her hair and Derek sat down.

"Then why don’t you tell me what you need?" Derek asked genuinely.

"I need my landlord to stop being such a complete jackass and fix my heat. I need my uncle to stop pestering me about the dangers of Beacon Hills. I need the teenage Scooby Doo clan to stop interfering with my work and I definitely need you to stop looking at me like that." She finally put her hand down on the desk and Derek smiled.

"Katrina Wallace." She rolled her eyes at Derek as he guessed her name.

"Don’t you mean Kitty Kat Walrus?" She corrected making Derek laugh.

"Not at all. I see you got your teeth fixed as well. You are far from a walrus now." Kat glared at Derek.

"Wow I see you’re still the charming guy you’ve always been. I’m going to go ahead and go since time has clearly warped your brain into thinking that being an asshole is still cute." Kat stood up shutting her laptop and Derek stepped closer to her.

"If I’m not mistaken, you never took that lying down. If I recall correctly, you basically exposed my abysmal GPA sophomore year." Derek crossed his arms over his chest.

"I just thought the class President should be someone who focused more on his acdemics than his three point shot." Kat shrugged.

"Let me prove to you I’ve changed and maybe I won’t tell the Sheriff that you’re trying to steal files from his office." Kat looked down at the files in her bag.

"Blackmail? You’re going to go with blackmail to get me to go out with you? Oh how the mighty have fallen." She adjusted her bag on her shoulder and Derek lifted his shoulders.

"Take it or leave it." She looked him over for a moment before conceding.

"Fine but I’m driving and I don’t need you to pay for me." Kat said frustrated.

"You’re already turning out to be the perfect date." Derek held his arm out gesturing that he’d follow behind her and she let out a noise of disgust.

"Don’t make me taze you, Hale." She warned walking out of the office. Derek couldn’t help but chuckle to himself as he followed her to her car making sure not to follow the sway of her hips as she walked. She wasn’t the nerdy girl he remembered at all.

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slaved over my makeup today~

My lovely Alice is gorg!

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My god daughter Jo totally let me read her original story. Her main characters…Lucy Hale and Britt Robertson. I couldn’t be more proud. :)

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