Dean peaking in your blog to tell you that you look beautiful today.

To my schoolies

I know you guys are piled under mad amounts of school work but I want you to know that I am SO proud of all of you. You are crushing it whether you think you are or not. No matter what, you’re putting in the hours, you’re putting in the work. Don’t sell yourself short. School is fucking hard. Keep your heads up and keep on fighting. I got your back and I believe in you.




Does anybody remember this show? Where Mickey had a comedy club that all the classic characters would go to. Every episode there would be a different story line that had to do with the club and at the same time they would play the old Mickey Mouse clips that everyone in the club would watch. Yeah, it was a good show.

The best crossover show ever. EVER.

I loved this :D

I loved the idea that all these characters from different movies and stuff all co-existed like this in one big shared universe…I love crossover stuff like that, it’s one of the reasons I like Kingdom Hearts so much :D

Sheriff Stilinski usually doesn’t mind when other sheriffs wonder into his town. Until now, he needed all the help he could get. But now, when Sheriff Jody Mills starts asking questions about his son’s pack…. oh crap.