We made it through the viewing.

No drama thankfully and a beautiful tribute with race cars but all in all it was a good turn out. The music and slide show I did was a hit and my aunt made some great picture boards. I kind of had a hard time because my aunt said she wanted me with her when she went in to see him and that was hard to see him like that. You could tell how broken he was in the accident and it killed me. The girls didn’t see him but his son did and it was horrible. Tomorrow we bury him and try to figure out how to move on from this. Thank you again for all the love, support and patience in my absence.

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FAN: A lot of crap has happened through the seasons, and I’m wondering how you think it’s going to be good that no one is coping.

POSEY: No one’s coping? That’s what’s going on?

EADDY: Can you explain that a little bit more? What do you mean by that?

FAN: Say, if someone dies, you need to cope. To get better. To mourn! No one’s mourning in the show!

POSEY: It’s definitely still there, it’s in everyone’s lives, it always is. But there’s, literally, we can’t— we have to prevent other things from always happening. So it kind of builds and builds and sits there in the back of their head, but it’s always there.

EADDY: I’ve had a lot of people ask that on tumblr, too, or I’ve read a lot of that on tumblr, and let me say— this is war.

@Eyecon Teen Wolf (6.15.14)

First things first:  Thank you, softlycanthropy, for posting this and other gifs from that Con!  I appreciate your time and your work …and I gotta say again, I loved that hat  :)   xoxo….Eaddy

Now then.  I have a note to add to the notes, which may or may not be of note ;)  Reading some of the debate about my response that day really intrigues me! ….this is a great example of one of the many reasons why I love this Fandom (and why I love tumblr for providing me a place to engage!)

There are two ways to answer a question about why something happens in a TV series: 

1)  Give an answer from within the Alternate Universe (Beacon Hills) OR

2)  Give answers from without the Alternate Universe (IRL & Show Business.)

It doesn’t work to do both, in my opinion, to do both in the same answer.  And which answer I give depends on to whom I am speaking.

When I am asked a why or what if question by a Fan, who is referring to people who exist only within that AU, I believe they are seeking an answer from within that AU and I respond accordingly.  I don’t compare it to other AUs (Buffy, Supernatural, TVD, etc.) nor do I compare it to IRL.  I hope my answer will help sustain the phenomenon often called “the willing suspension of disbelief,” or as I also say, “Continue to spin that world.”  I don’t do that because someone coached me to do that.  I answer that way because that’s how I would want my question answered if I were the one in the audience.

I do the same thing when I am talking to a friend about an AU simply as a fan.  I could talk for hours about The Dresden Files; Star Wars; or the Outlander books.  I can immerse myself in an AU and I welcome the chance to share, cry, argue ships or recount the OMG moments, etc  

But, I ‘lived’ within the Beacon Hills AU for years.  Now, that does not mean my answer is Canon …LOL… or that it is even logical…but, by golly, I can justify it from within the AU all.day.long.  Thus, when I read: “you can’t tell me ‘it’s war’ and then show me them playing lacrosse, going on dates, doing homework, etc.”  

I say (from within the AU):  ”Like hell I can’t!  I promise you that in the darkest times of our lives, we grasp in desperation for threads of normality and what some might call trivial.  But, sometimes we do that just to survive;  we do it so that we can remember life Before and to have hope that the pain might possibly end.  And other times we do it so that we can - if only for a heartbeat - escape the new horror that now confronts us.  If my child dies, I don’t need another casserole and tearful conversation….I just need you take me with you while you run errands and complain to me about traffic, the cost of our frappuccinos and how frizzy your hair is today….I need a break from me.  It is the only way I am going to be able to take my next breath.  We all mourn and cope in our own ways.  I’ll deal with it when I can.  For now, just let me be.”


I could say (from outside the AU):  ”Well, researching the demographic indicates that ratings increase with shirtless locker room scenes so they incorporated more lacrosse games instead of the counseling session scenes.  I mean, we gotta pay the bills!  Especially since so-and-so actor broke his nose and couldn’t be on set for 6 weeks but by the time he could come back, he had a scheduling conflict with another show he had already booked and Union rules wouldn’t allow the dates to be changed, so we had to re-shoot episode abc and cut scene xyz and we were already behind with the shooting schedule because the unexpected rain caused flooding at the location where we were supposed to shoot the week before.”

Which kind of answer is most appropriate to the person asking at a Con?  Which answer would I want as a Fan?  That’s how I choose which answer to give.  And ideally, my answers to fans will also spark a thought process that might be of use to them. 

But occasionally, as with this post, I feel compelled to remind people of the business of show business - because I hope it will broaden someone’s vision:  I hope this tiny drop of a note in the giant sea of tumblr helps someone overcome gaps they notice in their favorite AU and that they will cease blaming the creatives behind a series.  Consider that sometimes - maybe sometimes - IRL mishaps and the business of show business send an Alternate Universe spinning off plumb.  

Ah!…which brings me very zen-like back to the end of the gif set above:  It’s scary when our world changes…we have to adapt.  

with love and respect,


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Dylan O’Brien, Thomas Brodie-Sangster & Blake Cooper in The Maze Runner
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Someday you may learn that, to your sorrow.

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Forearms tattoo done by Santa Perpetua at Black Sails tattoo (Brighton, UK)

facebook: Santa Perpetua graphic art

instagram: santa_perpetua

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Last week, I may have gone too far. I’ll explain it quickly. Basically, I found out where he gets his clothes dry-cleaned. Custom ordered the same suit, made with tear-away velcro. And… you can fill in the rest.

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BCBGeneration x The Influence

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5 Seconds of Summer performing live at iTunes Festival in London - September 04, 2014 [HQ]

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